Using CO2 as a profitable resource
in a sustainable circular economy.


The key to the climate crisis is profitability! The enaDyne plasma technology processes CO2 with maximum efficiency into sustainable chemical resources, enabling the pollutant to be turned into a raw material. This enables the sustainable defossilization of industry.

With innovative plasma reactors
to the green alternatives of tomorrow.

Basic chemicals such as ethylene and methanol are currently produced almost exclusively from fossil raw materials. Thanks to enaDyne plasma catalysis, completely climate-neutral alternatives will soon be available at the same or even lower production costs.

Versatile industrial application
as a highly flexible drop-in solution.

From the upgrading of raw biogas to higher-value hydrocarbons, through the profitable decarbonization of industrial point sources to the sustainable production of chemical energy storage and transport media - whether centralized or decentralized. The enaDyne technology can be used flexibly in a wide range of applications.

Profitable climate change thanks to enaDyne

With our unique plasma-based CO2 recycling technology, we not only help to drastically reduce harmful emissions. We also produce sustainable raw materials - at a profit. This turns the climate transition from a supposedly expensive obligation into an economically attractive opportunity. enaDyne supports companies in making the climate transition much more competitive.

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Co-Founder and CEO

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