Solving the climate crisis profitably

Cost-intensive processing of CO2 will soon be a thing of the past, because thanks to enaDyne technology, CO2 emissions will become a profitable business in the future. By converting CO2 into valuable products, new sources of income are created that promote economic growth without harming the environment. This makes combating climate change an economically attractive goal - and that is the key to overcoming the climate crisis.


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Sustainability means circular

enaDyne plasma catalysis opens a new chapter in the sustainable economy, in which CO2 no longer has to be seen as a climate killer. Instead, our technology offers the possibility of using it as a raw material or fuel. Without the use of fossil oil and gas.

Global effect through profitable use of CO2

enaDyne's technology plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change. In the worst-case scenario, our technology reduces the environmental impact by 50%. However, if CO2 from biogas plants or direct air capture is used, 100% CO2-negative products are created in which the climate killer can be bound in the long term.
In this way, enaDyne technology not only contributes to decarbonization, but also acts as a CO2 sink that actively reduces the atmospheric CO2 content.

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Basic chemicals
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Products made from CO2

Our environment is composed of carbon, and currently, there's an excess of it in the atmosphere. So, doesn't it make sense to use it for a sustainable production instead of continuing with fossil-based methods?

Philipp Hahn

Co-Founder and CEO

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